Bellware Family Reunion 2003

Lake Barkley State Resort Park, Cadiz, Kentucky

Group Photo Saturday August 9, 2003

In 1903 the Bellwares left the bluegrass of Kentucky for greener pastures in Ohio. One hundred years later, fifty-one brave souls returned. Most folks arrived in time for Friday's (August 8) meeting in the Tennessee Room of Lake Barkley's Convention Center.

Don and Cynthia brought a karaoke machine that came in handy at the meetings.

Pete and Kelly missed the meeting but arrived later that night. Morris (Dan) was waylaid by bad weather finally flew into Lake Barkley's airport on Saturday afternoon.

Jeffery, Justin and Daniel W. spent Friday night at the campground and went fishing at 5:30 a.m. The canoe also got some use, too, mostly by the younger crowd.

Daniel W., Dick, Jeffery, Justin, Kim and Louis all headed to the trap range on at 9:00 a.m. Saturday morning. Everyone did well with Louis out-shooting the rest of the group.

Below Daniel, Kim and Dick wait their turn.

Allen, Anita, Barry, Dave, David, Jack, Jim, Pete and Richard braved the heat and humidity to take part in the golf outing on Saturday morning.

It was reported that everyone did very well.

Doug and Kathy's Saturday boat rides were a big hit. They took three loads of passengers out onto the lake with the last group tubing.

Everyone had a good time and no one got seasick!

Emma Jo, John and Diane also made some pottery out by the pool on Saturday afternoon.

Here they get together before the group photo to peruse some of the many albums brought to share with the rest of the family.

Joanne's pizza party at the picnic pavilion was great fun.

Doug did a great job getting us all together for the group photo (see top of page).

Gabbi brought the makings for s'mores for everyone who didn't get enough pizza.

Here, Gabbi helps Dom keep a safe distance from the flames. Anita and Kim also joined in the preparation of this culinary classic.

Sunday's meeting was a bit more contentious than usual. It was decided that the next reunion should be in 2006, but the actual organizer, location and date were left up in the air. Web pages giving the details (place, price and date) will be published by the potential organizers by Thanksgiving (November 27, 2003). A vote will be taken and the results will be announced.



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