Bellware Family Reunion 2010

Québec City, Québec, Canada

10th Anniversary of the 1st Canadian Reunion

July 2010

Claude Bellware is organizing the next reunion to be held in Québec City.

The Bellware family got its start in the New World in Quebec. The ancestors of Louis and John Bellware included Emery Blouin, Louis Hebert, Robert Drouin, Anne Cloutier, Martin Prevost and Marie Olivier Sylvestre.

Emery Blouin arrived around 1664 and settled on Ile d'Orleans with his wife Marie Carreau. Claude planning a visit to the island to the monument erected by Emery' descendents to honor him.

Louis Hebert was the first settler in Canada and companion of Samuel d'Champlain. He first wintered in Canada in 1604, four years before Quebec was founded.

Anne Cloutier and Robert Drouin had the first marriage contract in New France in 1637.

Martin Prevost and Marie Olivier Sylvestre were the the first recorded mixed French and Indian couple in Canada, married in 1644.

The Bellware family is related to almost all famous and infamous French-Canadians.










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