The Miller Family




Annie and Conrad Miller ca 1920.



Originally, the name was Mueller when Conrad came to the United States aboard the steamship "New York City" in August 1866. He was born in Grebenau, Hesse, Germany in 1846, His father was Kasper Mueller, a baker in the village and his mother was Anna Elizabeth Duench.

Anna Elizabeth Duench was one of eleven children of Johann Georg Duench and Anna Elizabeth Eydt. Three of their children died in childhood. Four of their children, including Anna Elizabeth, stayed in Germany and the other four immigrated to Canada around 1843. Anna's sister Marie Duench married Adam Thaler and lived in Ontario. Marie died and her sister Barbara Duench married Adam in about 1849. The families in Canada and Germany kept in touch and Conrad may have been encouraged by them to leave Germany himself. He may have even visited with them as he headed west, from New York.

Conrad came to Detroit, Michigan and in 1870, he married Anna Elizabeth Leich, the daughter of Jacob Leich at St. John's Evangelical Luthern Church. They had at least nine children.

Their names were Mary (b. 1872), Elizabeth (b. 1874), Bertha (b. 1876), Rose (b. 1878), Conrad (b 1880), Emma (b. 1882), Albert John (b.1884), Clarence Fredrick (b. 1886), Arthur Henry (b. 1888). Emma, Conrad and Elizabeth all died in childhood.

Conrad was a green grocer with his own store by 1890. The family lived above the grocery store at 1045 (later 5125) Wabash. He had a second store at 97 Petoskey for a while around 1917. Conrad and Annie moved to 2110 Putnam before he died in 1920.





Conrad Miller in front of his store on Wabash



Tragedy struck the family in 1913 when their daughter Mary Lynds committed suicide by drinking carbolic acid while temporarily insane. She left a 17-year-old daughter, Genevieve Lynds who died herself in 1921.

Conrad and Annie separated shortly before he died due to a dispute over the disposition of his estate. He planned to leave everything to his son Clarence Fredrick. Conrad moved in with his sister, Eliza Fauser on Defer Place in Detroit, where he died. Indeed, his will left everything to Clarence, except for one dollar for his wife and each of his other children. Conrad was survived by another sister, Sophia Schiebel, who lived in Warren, Michigan. He is buried in Forest Lawn Cemetery next to his sister Eliza and her husband Zacharias Fauser.

Annie died in October 1927 and is buried in Woodmere Cemetery with her children Emma, Conrad, Jr., Elizabeth, Rose, Mary, and granddaughter, Genevieve.





Mary Lindemann and her father-in-law Conrad Miller



Clarence Fredrick Miller

Clarence was a Lutheran but converted after marrying Mary Lindemann, a Roman Catholic. He had been a milkman, then worked for the railroad. He was a fireman then an engineer. He ran for Detroit City Council in Oct. 1929, but he did not make it past the primary election where he finished in the middle of a very large slate. Relations with much of his family became strained after he inherited the bulk of his father's estate. His brother lived two houses from Clarence for twenty years without speaking to him.





Clarence F. Miller, the milkman, ca. 1900






Election poster and dressed for work as an engineer with his wife Mary.



Clarence Charles Miller

Clarence C. Miller grew up in Detroit, Michigan where he met his future wife, Marie Selinske by the third grade. He attended St. Joseph's Commercial College, where his uncle, Fr. Theodore Lindemann was the principal. Although he was a Boy Scout, he had had trouble in other schools. His uncle, however, was determined that Clarence would graduate.

He learned to drive a car at age fourteen. His grandfather, Conrad Miller, bought him a car so Clarence could drive him to meetings. The Model-T Ford made a big impression on Clarence and was the subject of many of the stories he told during his life.

His love of automobiles may have led to his becoming a car salesman, which was one of his many occupations that also included plumber, bookkeeper, funeral director and coal yard manager. He and Marie moved to Florida in 1992 where he died at age 90 in 1996. Marie died in Cocoa Beach, Florida in January 2000. Both were returned to Detroit for burial at Mt. Olivet Cemetery.





Clarence F. and son Clarence C. Miller ca. 1920






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